Visitors to the MidCoast Health System’s new 1201 N. Mechanic location can do far more than see a doctor.  The center includes the Cotton Bistro above as well as retail stores.


More than 20 jobs will be added to the El Campo economy when the new MidCoast clinic opens this month.

Also coming to the 1201 N. Mechanic strip center, formerly housing Palais Royal, are an eatery, coffee shop, full service pharmacy, education center and other retail stores.

The MidTown well care clinic offers the same services as the MidCoast Health System’s facility at the intersection of Hwy. 71 and FM 2765.

“This is just another option, it will ease the crowding of those facilities on busy days, offer another location and another provider. Individuals that visit this location will get the bonus of all of the other options at that same site,” MidCoast Health System Spokesperson Donna Mikeska said.

The Cotton Bistro @ 71 offers sandwiches, salad wraps, pizzas, yogurt cups and drinks. It is operated by the same chief as El Campo Memorial Hospital’s cafeteria, the Sandy Corner Cafe chef.

“The building provided the space for many endeavors and this is just one that we knew would complement the other areas of that location and something special for our community,” Mikeska said.

A coffee shop will be on premises, a boutique and other retail as well.

“There’s basically something for everyone here ... You basically can come to the MidTown location and make a day of it! It offers great comfortable seating areas to enjoy coffee, lunch and big screen TVs. It’s quite impressive the transformation that the facility has undergone.”

City Development Corporation of El Campo Executive Director Carolyn Gibson said the addition was a boon for El Campo and its residents.

“The new MidCoast facility is a beautiful addition to our community. The retail and restaurant facilities are spacious and welcoming. This will give clinic visitors a unique experience, allowing them to access a variety of businesses,” she said.

The pharmacy will be full service and open to all public users.

“In addition, some durable medical supplies and equipment will be available. The pharmacy will be open extended hours to meet the needs of the community with the lowest prices, quality service and central location,” Mikeska said.

The bistro and clinic are now open with the pharmacy opening Monday. Building tenants vary with the education center already open, but retail businesses are still in the process.

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