The El Campo ISD school board will be setting goals for Superintendent Bob Callaghan for the first time since he was hired in July in a closed meeting Tuesday.

“Student safety and wellbeing is always a priority for the district and, thus, the superintendent,” ECISD School Board President James Russell said.

Part of a superintendent’s job is to address goals set annually by the school board. Callaghan signed his contract with the district in early July, but began working for ECISD on a consulting contract in mid June.

Callaghan replaced former superintendent Kelly Waters, who resigned in May, before the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

The goals set for Callaghan by the board won’t necessarily be the same goals given to Waters during the last school year, Russell said.

“While there may be some similarities, the goals developed for Mr. Callaghan will be unique to Mr. Callaghan,” he added.

ECISD superintendent goals in previous years have revolved around improving student test scores, campus ratings, student behavior and more.

“The board has the option of including goals, which encompass many topics. I wouldn’t want to make a premature prediction of any goal being set,” Russell said.

The closed meeting will allow board members to make suggestions for goals and discuss them before giving Callaghan his assignments.

“While the board certainly has goals for the overall district in place, the superintendent’s goals will largely be developed in the upcoming meeting,” Russell said.

The board develops goals for the superintendent annually and assesses the superintendent’s progress toward completing the goals twice per year.

The board will meet at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 9 in closed session.

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