An El Campo woman is prison bound, five years after throwing bodily fluids at a police officer while being held in the El Campo Police Department’s holding cells.

The sentence came as a result of a parole revocation hearing in Wharton County’s 329th District Court Tuesday.

There Shaylen McClain, 24, of 1314 Ella stood before District Court Judge Randy Clapp to receive the sentence. She’s now being held in the Fort Bend County Jail pending transport. Also on the charge sheet are three counts of failure to appear and a single charge of public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

“During her time on probation, McClain committed additional crimes such as resisting arrest and public intoxication. She refused to work with her probation officers and was recently unsuccessfully discharged from a treatment facility. The probation department felt that all alternative options had been exhausted,” Wharton County District Attorney Dawn Allison said. “After meeting with our office, it was determined that revocation was the only recourse left.”

The 2014 offense wasn’t McClain’s first arrest, or her last. Prior to the holding cell offense, she had faced charges of fighting, failure to identify and credit card abuse. She was indicted in September 2017 for obstruction or retaliation on May 18 of that year. She allegedly threatened to harm a police officer in that case.

She was originally placed on probation in 2011, again for harassment of a public servant.

The probation revoked this week stemmed from a June 28, 2014 crime. She was initially sentenced in October 2014 to four years probation for the offense on the condition she serve 60 days in county jail as punishment. McClain was also ordered to pay $400 restitution.

McClain was taken into custody on the parole violation on Aug. 26.

Assistant District Attorney Lloyd Kleiman argued the case before Judge Clapp.

“Probation can be a second chance for some people, however continuing to commit crimes is a rejection of that chance and an insult to the hard-working probation officers and our community,” he said.

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