Facing accusations of collecting and keeping child pornography, El Campo ISD’s former cafeteria director was reindicted by the Wharton County Grand Jury during July deliberations.

The three-count indictment against 44-year-old Scott Robert Gelardi of 7404 Town Center Blvd. in Sugar Land, fine tunes charges previously issued by the April 2020 grand jury.

El Campo police arrested Gelardi, an Aramark contractor, on Nov. 18, 2019, after school maintenance staff uncovered a camera in a Northside Elementary boys’ restroom along with evidence linking it to Gelardi.

School officials immediately conducted a district wide search, but discovered no other recording devices.

Police do not believe any physical contact took place between Gelardi and his alleged victims.

The Wharton County District Attorney’s Office requested the superceding indictment because, “The State has the burden and responsibility to prove each and every element of a criminal charge ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,’” DA Dawn Allison told the Leader-News. “Upon further review of the evidence, it was determined that the amended charge was more applicable under the facts of this particular case. The only significant change due to the new charge, is the range of punishment.”

If convicted, Gelardi faces up to 10 years in prison.

Currently, he’s out on $70,000 in bonds originally posted Nov. 21, 2019 as Gelardi was released from the Wharton County Jail.

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