Yet another credit card skimmer has been found on a gas pump in an El Campo store along U.S. 59.

The discovery Monday is the third this year for just one store, prompting officials to remind the public to look for anything suspicious any time they get ready to fill up – before they insert a credit card into the pump.

“If you approach a machine and it appears something has been attached to the scanner, do not use it ... call the police,” El Campo Police Chief Terry Stanphill told the newspaper in an earlier interview.

Residents can check whether the credit card slide looks firmly attached, if any seals are broken or anything else unusual is in the area of gas pumps or ATM machines as skimmers have been found in those previously as well.

A skimming device typically records card access information as normal transactions are made. In most cases, the device must be recovered for the thief to actually use the data.

“Obviously, it’s more prevalent along the (U.S.) 59 corridor. Most of it is coming out of Houston. It’s more convenient for them,” El Campo Police Lt. Russell Urban said.

Anyone who believes they have been the victim of identity theft should contact their card representatives and the police department.

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