Crews At Work

Road construction crews have been working steadily on preparing FM 2765 for resurfacing as seen here near the Lakeview Addition just northeast of El Campo. Work at widening the pavement will continue to the intersection of FM 2765 and Hwy. 71.

The heavy clay sticking to vehicles driving FM 2765 just outside the El Campo city limits is part of the effort to make the roadway four feet wider.

It’s a $2.9 million project awarded to Brannan Paving Company of Victoria.

“We are approximately 25 percent complete at the moment ... and anticipate being complete towards the end of December,” said Texas Department of Transportation Spokesperson for the Yoakum District Lucea’n Kuykendall-Herring.

The work will be done on FM 2765 from FM 2546 to Hwy. 71, about 4.3 miles in length.

“The project scope is primarily to rehabilitate the existing roadway due to poor pavement conditions. The existing roadway has one foot shoulders, we are adding two foot on each side to have three-foot shoulders to provide additional pavement surface for the traveling public,” Kuykendall said.

There is an existing turn lane in front of El Campo Middle School which will remain, but no additional turning lane will be installed as part of the project.

A sidewalk will be added from the middle school to Hwy. 71, however, as part of the state’s Safe Routes To Schools program..

For now, motorists passing through the area should expect continued daily lane closures each weekday as work continues along the clay, especially on any wet days.

The state will be doing what it can to minimize it, Kuykendall said.

“We will incorporate lime material into the soil. This practice will stabilize the subgrade to a depth of six inches and will provide a stiff platform to begin building our pavement structure on top of,” she said.

The state continues to work on part two of El Campo U.S. 59 frontage road project as well.

The $37.7 million project is not expected to be completed until May 2021.

The frontage road will be one way only on each side of the main roadway from Hwy. 71 to right before the Kansas City Southern Railways line. It includes U-turns at the overpass intersections with FM 1162 and Hwy. 71.

FM 1162 will go from an overpass to an underpass as part of the construction effort.

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