Students will begin El Campo ISD summer school in early July after a month-long hiatus from schoolwork. This year, due to the global coronavirus crisis, summer school will be a bit different for ECISD.

“The district is offering online virtual summer school to all first through eighth grade students ... to help close the COVID-19 gap,” Assistant Superintendent Dolores Trevino said.

This remote learning program will begin July 6 and last until July 23. Participation in the ECISD virtual summer program is optional, except for students needing to complete additional course credit to progress to the next grade level.

The COVID-19 gap, or slide, refers to potential impairment to student academic progress due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Texas Education Agency.

“This year all students will experience not only a Summer Slide but a COVID-19 Slide, so we want to emphasize the importance of utilizing the virtual summer school pre-recorded lessons in July and for parents to continue reading with their children,” Trevino said.

Around 25 percent of ECISD students also faced inadequate access to reliable internet during the district’s closure. Lack of internet access more drastically affects lower income, black and Hispanic families, as well as rural households, according to Pew Research Center.

Students required to take a summer course can complete at-home assignments without using the internet if they choose.

“Students who would traditionally be required to attend summer school for promotion were contacted and given the option to participate in ‘live’ virtual sessions or receive paper packets with teacher phone check-ins,” Trevino said.

District leaders spoke to teachers about their summer availability and came up with the program for the first through eighth grade students. Traditionally, El Campo High School offers a summer course catch-up program, however, this year a virtual summer class will be offered only for Spanish II.

Summer school was originally planned for June, but was delayed until July due to the pandemic. After speaking with parents, district leaders decided to offer in-person summer school for ESL and bilingual students in Pre-K through first grade. That program will be held June 29 to July 23 Monday through Thursday.

For more information on ECISD’s summer program, visit

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