Simple, But Safe

Gun locks are always recommended, officials say, but especially so in households were a weapon might find its way into the hands of a curious child. A simple corded padlock model will ensure safety.  There were 461 unintentional shootings in the U.S. in 2021, per, which reports 70 children under the age of 11 killed this year and 144 injured.

Excuse me, sir,

did you drop something?


A little baggie of methamphetamines found on an El Campo PD jail cell floor was not left as welcoming mints for the next occupant.

So far, however, no prisoners have wanted to claim the little felony in a bag.

It could have been anyone who had been inside the multi-person cell, officials say, but added they are still working on when and how the narcotic might have gotten inside.

However, if you happened to be an early morning guest at the local lockup on Tuesday, March 30, the department’s hospitality crew is holding your property and will happily return it.

Just call 979-543-5311, describe the bag and stake your claim.

Feel free to fill out one of the guest comment cards as well.


What would your momma think?


A small group of El Campo Middle School boys thought they came up with a fool-proof plan to obtain dirty pictures about two weeks ago – until, of course, they all got caught.

“This case involves juveniles creating a fake social media account and requesting nude photos,” ECPD Lt. Jennifer Mican said.

At least one other teen responded and complied with the request. “The nude pictures and videos were taken and sent voluntarily from one juvenile and sent to another juvenile who forwarded the video to others,” Mican said.

Now those children not only face a felony charge of invasive visual recording/possession or promotion of child pornography, they had to face the principal ... and then there was mom.

No word on how any of them tried to explain their way out of this one.


Speaking of higher powers ....


St. Robert’s Catholic Church windows were targeted for a second time shortly before 2 a.m. Tuesday, March 30, by a teen who may now be regretting hitting his target.

The 16-year-old El Campo boy faces a state jail felony for two broken windows – and, of course, the wrath of God – after he was spotted being up to no good.

“Witnesses called police and directed them to the house the suspect ran into,” Urban said, but added there appeared to be one more ne’er-do-well in on the act.

“We are still trying to identify a second suspect,” Urban said.

If anyone can help, they should call the PD at 979-543-5311 or the West Wharton County Crime Stoppers at 979-543-8477. Or, visit the Crime Stoppers P3 app.

Help the guys and gals in blue – they’re on a mission from God.

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