Student, staff and faculty dress codes will be discussed further and the student code of conduct will be up for a vote at the next Louise ISD trustees meeting Monday.

Superintendent Garth Oliver wants as much input from the board as possible before the dress code is implemented by school administration. Previous board discussions have focused on what is considered appropriate attire for district employees.

“We need to maintain a professional environment. Is that jeans? Maybe. I could give a million examples, but when you look in the mirror and say ‘I look like I’m about to go for a run versus going to work as a teacher’, maybe they need to look again and say, ‘I need to step it up a touch,’” Oliver said.

“It’s a hard call to say what’s appropriate,” he added. “We need to have that discussion.”

The dress code is in the student and faculty handbooks.

The student code of conduct must be approved by the board. The code is based on state laws and rules as interpreted by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).

“Code of conduct is a TASB document,” Oliver said. “If TASB releases it by Monday we’ll put it in. If not, then we’ll have to skip it.”

The board will also look at increasing meal prices 10 cents for Kindergarten through 12 grades. Free/reduced lunches will remain the same price.

Another action item is the possible purchase of equipment to upgrade the welding lab to jump start certifications for students taking Career and Technology classes.

“We’ve been on a mission to slowly upgrade facilities. Then we took a big step at upgrading athletics and band and now career and technology will be a our next big focus. Welding is a big item because we need to offer certification as part of our rating system,” Oliver said.

”We need certifications period. It helps our kids out because not everyone is going to college. If we can get them into meaningful employment versus minimum wage that is a service.”

In other business, the board will consider:

• A presentation from Ideal Impact on how to save the district money through climate control optimization.

• Approve TASB worker’s compensation renewal.

• Approve property insurance coverage through PCAT.

• Roloff Hnatek as the district financial auditors.

The board meets at 7 p.m. Monday, July 15 in the conference room at 408 Second in Louise. Time is set aside for public comments. The board could go into closed session to discuss personnel issues or consult with district counsel.

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