Saying growing brush piles need to go Monday, El Campo City Council gave its trash provider two weeks to get the bulk of it picked up.

If it isn’t, they want to know why.

“A lot of brush is stacked up all over town. There are a lot of irate citizens,” Councilman John Hancock Jr. said. “There are a lot of complaints out there.”

Waste Connections District Manager Abel Moreno appeared before council during Monday’s session to update city leaders on collection efforts.

“Little by little, we’ve gotten ourselves in a hole where the brush is becoming overwhelming,” Moreno told Council, but added trash trucks were picking up brush on multiple days in an effort to catch up.

Allowable free curbside pickup brush is three cubic yards, roughly what would fit in a standard pickup truck bed. Brush should not exceed five-feet in length.

“The brush piles are growing, something needs to be done,” Councilman Chris Barbee said.

Having met previously with the city’s Solid Waste Committee, Moreno asked council to give him a week to look at possible solutions including zone pickup targeting, for example, a specific quadrant of the city each week.

Crews are roaming the city looking with for brush piles, Moreno said, but added it would be helpful if citizens used the online registration system at

Excessive brush will be picked up, but the citizen will be billed.

Residents with more brush than allowed curbside or who would simply like to can dump it for free at the city’s landfill, 1698 CR 303, although this could be affected by wet conditions. Call 979-221-1259 to verify that dumping can take place on the day you wish to visit the collection station.

Those utilizing the service may be required to show a water bill.

Mountainous brush piles became a major concern four years ago. Tropical Storm Bill that June broke limbs throughout the area, detritus that sat on El Campo curbs for months. Council issued a January 2016 ultimatum to then trash collector Progressive Waste demanding the brush be picked up or the company face contract cancellation.

It was the end of March 2016, however, before city streets were cleared of more than a football field’s worth of brush. The material was ultimately burned at the city’s defunct landfill with special permission from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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