Home to several businesses, the MLK Boulevard site where an El Campo Middle School once stood may soon be divided into multiple properties.

The request to replat will go before the El Campo Planning & Zoning Commission next Wednesday.

City officials have been working with property owner Mike Mobley and workers, according to City Building Official Liz Staff.

“He wants to divide the property,” Staff said. “He’s replatting every building for possible resale.”

Because the site was previously a school, the individual sites will continue to have water and sewer service from the same main tap, Staff said.

“We don’t know how the school ran the water,” she said, adding the only way to find out would likely be do dig up the ground.

The replatting effort starts with a public hearing at 5 p.m. Wednesday, July 17. The Planning & Zoning Commission meets in City Council chambers, 315 E. Jackson.

The final plat approval will go before city council if it gets the P&Z commissioners’ blessing.

Also before P&Z officials Wednesday is a requested amendment to the city’s Master Thoroughfare Plan.

The plan looks at El Campo roadways, the likely use patterns as the city grows and compares that to the current condition of the streets.

The primary change being presented to P&Z commissioners is a recommendation that Avenue F from Hoskins Broadway to Avenue C ultimately be widened.

This plan for the future, if approved at the P&Z level, will be presented to city council. Council will decide whether it should be funded and when.

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