St. Philip Catholic School students logged 2,285 hours of reading time last month for the annual Read-a-Thon fundraiser, drawing in thousands of dollars in donations aimed at lowering tuition.

SPS students in Pre-K three through eighth grade raised $25,537.57 this year and read for a combined total of 137,100 minutes. The minutes students spent reading for this event equates to about 95 days, 14 weeks or three months.

The Read-a-Thon program launched on Feb. 22 with donations being collected through March 19.

“Students were commended for leaving a lasting legacy for future Pioneers,” Read-a-Thon  Chair Rhea Prasek said.

The SPS Read-a-Thon was created as a school fundraiser and offset tuition costs by supplementing the school’s endowment fund. Donors sponsored students by pledging a certain amount for each book read or the amount of time read. Others donated a set amount or contributed a memorial donation in the name of a family member.

Prizes were awarded to ‘top readers’ in each grade level and to the student who brought in the most money.

The students who logged the most reading time are Macy Ellis and Kinley Whitington, who both read for 40 total hours. Third graders Pierson and Wyatt Prasek raised the most money overall, bringing in a total of $1,925 each.

To participate in the event, students read independently, partnered with another student, out loud during class or at home with their families, logging time spent reading along the way. Any school appropriate book counts for the contest, except for picture books without text.

For participating in the Read-a-Thon, students won a variety of prizes, including medals. Student prizes were awarded on March 30.

“Being involved in the Read-a-Thon was such a rewarding experience,” Prasek said. “To know that we gave students something positive to look forward to was fulfilling especially since, as a St. Philip alumni myself, the Read-a-Thon tradition is one of my favorite memories.”

The other top readers for 2021 are Bryan Cisneros, Lane Dorotik, Malorie Ellis, Presley Henke, Anaclare Key, Caroline Little, Stella Nohavitza, Abigail Porter, Scollie Saha, Acey Srubar, Ally Srubar, Callen Tompkins, Layton Tompkins, Abby Wallis, Brennen Wied and Jordan Wrobliski.

The other top money raisers for 2021 are Evelyn Harris, Chandler Holub, Liesl Holub, Case Janssen, Creed Nohavitza, Stella Nohavitza, Acey Srubar, Isabel Wiese, Weston Williams and Allie Zalman.

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