An estimated 83 pounds of cocaine was seized in a traffic stop on U.S. 59 near Louise last week.

One Edinburg man, 20-year-old Jaime Francisco Ordones, faces charges of manufacture of a controlled substance, unlawful use of a criminal instrument in the case and child endangerment.

A patrolling trooper stopped Ordones’ Chevrolet pickup around 11 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 5 after a traffic violation.

Seeing a man, woman and three children inside the vehicle, the trooper began to ask routine questions.

Individual troopers on patrol are not identified for security purposes. 

“The driver exhibited criminal indicators,” DPS Spokesman Sgt. Stephen Woodard said, adding the trooper asked for and received permission to search.

Criminal indicators can cover a range of actions or statements, including being exceptionally nervous, not being able to answer simple questions like “Where are you going?,” or the driver and passengers having different responses to the same questions that should match.

Woodard did not indicate what the specific criminal indicator was in this case.

The children were released to the mother and only Ordones was taken into custody.

Transported to the Wharton County Jail, he posted $35,000 in bonds and was released the next evening.

The seizure isn’t the largest in the area, Woodard said, but added, “It is a substantial amount. Hopefully, we’ll go out today and get another.”

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