A district policy on out-of-state travel and amendments to meeting practices were approved at the recent Louise ISD meeting before a large crowd on Dec. 16.

After several months of discussion, the board adopted out-of-state travel guidelines based on Spring Branch ISD’s policy in a 6-0 vote, with Alfred Ochoa Jr. absent.

The LISD policy requires consent from the principal, superintendent and the board before out-of-state travel is granted. Students must travel in school-provided transportation, unless riding with a parent who has received approval in advance.

“Most of it comes from what we looked at from Spring Branch...which was more inclusive than the other schools we looked at,” School Board President Linda Alderson said.

Other requirements include that field trip requests be submitted at least one month before the date of travel.

“What it says is, ‘all field trip requests must be submitted one month prior to the date,’” Superintendent Garth Oliver said. “That, to me, indicates a minimum timeline. If you’re going to be fundraising something, if you do it starting six months ahead of time, you’re still going to submit it month prior.”

School board policy on public comments was amended in a 6-0 vote in favor of adopting recommended changes from the Texas Association of School Boards.

“If there are more than five people on the same topic, we can limit them to two minutes per person talking,” Oliver said.

Last month, the board made changes to their meeting procedures in order to comply with TASB rules. The board, however, acted preemptively, as TASB later made amendments, which the school board voted to adopt at Monday night’s meeting.

“We were trying to get things done in a timely fashion so that we followed the law,” Alderson said.

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