Sharing The Kindness

Sheriff Shannon Srubar thanks local Pre-K student Worth Bowers for gift card donations on behalf of the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office.

Giving up your gifts would be a difficult choice for many kids, and even adults, but that’s exactly what a local Pre-K student decided to do, donating to the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office instead of receiving birthday presents.

Worth Bowers turned five on Aug. 21, and to celebrate, he and his family asked attendees of his party to contribute gift cards to give to WCSO.

“We just thought it would be a good time to show (WCSO) that we still care,” Worth’s mom, Lindsey Bowers, said.

The family collected several gift cards for fast food restaurants around El Campo so first responders and law enforcement could grab a bite to eat in between shifts. 

Lindsey came up with the idea of giving gifts to someone else instead of receiving more toys for Bowers’ birthday this year. Lindsey wanted to teach her son to be grateful for what he has and to be respectful to police.

Lindsey created a list of organizations they could donate the gift cards to, and Bowers chose the WCSO. He was extremely excited to present the gift cards to Sheriff Shannon Srubar, who stopped by Worth’s Little League practice to thank Worth personally and pick up the donated goodies.

WCSO posted a photo on social media of Worth giving the gift cards to Srubar on Aug. 28.

“Thank You, Worth Bowers, for providing miscellaneous gift cards to deputies,” according to the WCSO post. “We expect your job application in 18 years!”

The Bowers family lives in Inez, but attends school and work in El Campo. Worth is a Pre-K student at St. Philip Catholic School.

“It’s hard to instill humility, and I felt like this was a good learning lesson for him,” Bowers said.

Although Worth forwent presents this year, he still enjoyed his shark-themed birthday.

“He was a good sport about all of it,” Lindsey said. “I was very proud of him.”

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