When water pressure dropped at El Campo Memorial Hospital Wednesday morning, a local company with a tanker truck loaded up and rolled into action.

D-A-M Services, working with hospital staff, were able to solve the issue quickly, with efforts continuing on an as-needed basis throughout the week.

“Everyone at D-A-M Services is proud to have the opportunity and the means to be able to help,” owner Jeff Allgayer said Friday.

The company got a call for help around 3 a.m. Wednesday when the hospital, weathering the frigid storm like the rest of the community, lost water pressure alongside the strained city system.

“D-A-M Services generously loaned us a vehicle to add water into our water tower,” ECMH Spokesperson Donna Mikeska said Thursday. 

“Maintenance had this completed by the early morning hours (Wednesday) with little inconvenience.” There was no damage to the building.

The only real inconveniences were faced by staff. A group of about 17 nurses, lab technicians, radiologists, food services, respiratory therapy workers, maintenance and housekeeping workers opted to stay at the hospital, sleeping in day surgery areas or on cots wherever they could find space.

“Our ER was very busy and we had many admissions but thanks to our dedicated staff we were able to care for our patients as usual,” Mikeska said. “We had an average of 22 inpatients and saw about 23-26 patients per day in the ER.”

She added, “many staff members reported they had no power, no water, others also had pipes burst but still made it in to work.”

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