A vaccine to prevent COVID-19 has not yet been released to the public, but in the meantime, El Campo city employees stopped by City Hall Thursday to get other regular immunizations.

About 50 vaccinations for the flu, shingles and more were administered as employees from El Campo Public Works, El Campo EMS and El Campo Police Department filtered in throughout the afternoon. The immunizations were covered by the employees’ insurance, or, for those without, the city covered the cost.

El Campo Walmart Pharmacy Manager Wilford Stephen administered the vaccines as part of the store’s pop-up vaccine service. He has given vaccines all over El Campo, including at churches and schools.

Public Works Director Kevin Thompson and city employee Terrie Quintero were a few of the last to stop by for the day, making time to get their immunizations after a long day of work.

Quintero chatted happily from behind her mask while receiving her vaccine, and Thompson held nice and still when his turn came, so both earned themselves a piece of candy before they left.

Getting vaccinated is extremely important, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephen said.

Recently one of his patients who decided not to get vaccinated for pneumonia contracted COVID-19 and then pneumonia, dying shortly after.

“Once they get pneumonia with COVID-19 it’s too late,” Stephen said.

Researchers across the world have been racing to develop a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as the pandemic spread earlier this year. Health officials say a vaccine could be released as soon as late October.

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