El Campo area sports fans hold mixed opinions on who should win this year’s Super Bowl, but they are in agreement that they’d prefer to see the Houston Texans or the Dallas Cowboys play. Despite a lack of Texas teams, many locals will still tune into the game this Sunday, snacks in hand.

Food and family-friendly betting is an annual game-day tradition for El Campoan Laura Kay, her husband and their four children.

“We make our own (betting) pots,” Kay said. “The prizes are things they like, like a PlayStation card or my daughter used to put a pedicure (in).”

Many locals opted to root for the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday because of quarterback Patrick Mahomes who once played at Texas Tech University.

“Patrick Mahomes was born and raised in Texas,”  Suzanne Dujka of East Bernard said. “He’s an amazing quarterback … I’d prefer a team from the American Football Conference to win.”

Although not as plentiful on the Leader-News’ social media page, fans of the San Francisco 49ers dwell in the El Campo area.

“I’m actually rooting for both teams,” Jaime Johnson of Wharton said. “I grew up a 49ers fan, and then I also graduated from Texas Tech, so I’m going for Patrick Mahomes.”

Shirley Beaudoin, who lives in Edna and works at El Campo’s Walmart, never misses a Super Bowl.

“I love the game itself,” Beaudoin said. “I take that day off for the last 10 years (to) watch it every year.”

The commercials have become a beloved part of Super Bowl culture, but most local fans insisted the game is their favorite part.

“I don’t get too much into the commercials unless they’re really, really good ones,” Johnson said.

Kay prefers to see heartfelt advertisements during the game.

With “our world the way it is today, it’s nice to feel all warm and fuzzy when you watch TV,” Kay said.

After Sunday’s game, National Football League fans will have to wait until the new season begins in September to get their fix.

“Above all else, I love the fact that for one day, so many people share a passion with me, even if we’re watching for different reasons,” Dujka said.

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