A crackdown on crime is now under way in El Campo with the police department joining forces with the Wharton County Sheriff’s Department and state troopers.

The goal, ECPD Chief Gary Williamson said, is to boost enforcement.

“You will see an enforcement of all traffic laws. We will also be looking for evidence of illegal contraband, such as illegal narcotics and illegal weapons,” he said.

Aside from noticing more law enforcement on the street, the average citizen shouldn’t be concerned with the effort.

“The general, law abiding public just needs to do what they normally do. The law abiding public isn’t the focus of the increased enforcement,” Williamson said.

It’s the bad guys and gals that law enforcement are after.

“We ask that (the public) looks and reports situations that are out of the norm, such as people looking into cars late at night. A house with many people coming and going, but they only stay a couple of minutes at a time,” he said.

Most people in the community follow the laws. The crackdown is about ensuring the safety of their property and persons.

There is no immediate danger, the chief added, despite the two recent shootings in neighborhoods. Those, he said, weren’t random, adding crimes of that sort rarely are.

“The vast majority of assaults are between people that know each other in some way, whether they had a formal relationship or a brief acquaintance,” Williamson said.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious should contact the El Campo Police Department at 979-543-5311. If there is a crime in progress, you should call 9-1-1.

The public can help deter crime in multiple other ways as well including locking doors, not leaving valuables on lawns or in vehicles and making sure to share any information of a crime with police.

Neighborhood watches are another way citizens can help fight crime.

“We are encouraging neighbors to start a program in their neighborhood. Simply put, the program is neighbors keeping an open line of communication with their neighbors and looking out for each other by reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhood to the police,” Williamson said.

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch Program, contact Cpl. Mark Biskup at the police department 979-543-5311.

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