Help For The Helpers

Young Family Foundation representatives (l-r) Kirby and Russell Kacer offer the El Campo EMS Department support of their life-saving efforts. EMS representatives shown (l-r) are: row one Rosemery Hernandez-Pedraza, Joan Rawlinson and Phyllis Elmore; and row two: EMS Director Weston Davis, Andy Cortez, Chris Fiore, Jimmy George Jr.  and assistant director Garret Bubela.

El Campo and Louise volunteer groups were among those benefiting from a business family’s recent donations.

The Young Family Foundation, the non-profit organization founded by the owning family of  YK Communications, recently dispersed $36,485.47 among 12 organizations.

And, while the main focus of The Young Family Foundation is to foster the benefits of higher education, it may help save a life through its most recent grants.

The El Campo, Louise and Ganado volunteer fire departments each received $1,500 while $2,500 was sent to the firefighting volunteers in Markham.

All Young Family Foundation grant recipients have to make their own fundraising efforts as well, and, of course, the VFDs routinely hold fund raising dinners, raffles and other drives. 

Although tax-supported, the El Campo EMS seeks an assortment of grants every year to help minimize the costs for West Wharton County residents. They received $5,000 for equipment.

The El Campo Medical Foundation got $10,000, Boarding for Rescues & Animal Welfare $2,000, St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church $2,500 and El Campo High School Life Skills Class $797.92.

For the Life Skills class, this along with dollars from its annual bazaar are used for student outings and non-standard activities from something as simple as seeing a movie to allowing each student a family Christmas gift.

In Ganado, $5,700 went to the Lavaca-Navidad River Authority and Ganado First United Methodist Church was given $1,897.55; while in Markham the Tidehaven High School Band received $1,890.30. 

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