With DNA testing under way, the Wharton County Sheriff’s Department can do little but wait and hope it will lead to the identity of an unknown CR 225 murder victim – or perhaps her killer’s.

Tattered clothing and a few rings were the only items found June 18 with a woman’s badly decomposed body off CR 225 about two miles south of the CR 216 intersection in the Hungerford area.

She is believed to have been a petite 14- to 17-year-old girl. Three to six months before she was found, her killer shot her multiple times in the head.

The girl had dark brown or black hair of at least shoulder length, but due to the level of decomposition, her ethnicity remains unknown.

A t-shirt with the Disney character Stitch from “Lilo and Stitch” with the word “OHANA” in blue was found on the body along with a pair of shorts with images of coffee mugs and donuts and a lightweight Love Tree brand jacket. No shoes were recovered. On her fingers, investigators found three rings.

Medical examiners with the University of North Texas Forensic team area have been working with the girl’s remains since late June.

“What we released, that’s what we have,” Sheriff Shannon Srubar said at the time. As of Monday, there were no updates.

There are no runaways in Wharton County who have not been accounted for and no nearby missing person cases filed during the time period which would fit the girl’s description.

Anyone who knows the murdered girl’s identity or who knows who is responsible for this crime should contact Sgt. Rodriguez with the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office at 979-532-1550.

Those with information can also leave it anonymously with the West Wharton County Crime Stoppers at 979-543-8477 or on the P3 app.

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