This month, the Leader-News is looking for the history behind our local businesses.

In conjunction with the El Campo Chamber of Commerce’s effort to collect information to highlight local family businesses in honor of Family History Month, celebrated in October, the Leader-News would like to hear from you too.

“El Campo is a town rich in history, and the local community members are no different,” El Campo Leader-News Publisher Shannon Crabtree said. “We want to hear the stories of El Campo families and their businesses. Each family’s story is an important piece of our town’s full history.”

In previous years, the Leader-News published Focus to spotlight local businesses and tell their owners’ stories. Our last Focus edition was released Nov. 24, 2018 covering larger organizations including the United Agricultural Cooperative, El Campo Memorial Hospital and Wharton County Electric Cooperative as well as local mom and pop stores like Peterson Hardware in Louise.

We want to know what makes your family business stand out. How did your family wind up in El Campo? Has your business been here a long time or did you just get to town?

Is there a fascinating story that led to the creation of your family business that grandpa always told at the dinner table? Does grandma have a special memory about operating her store that she would never let you forget?

We want to collect information for publication this month or in an upcoming special edition to honor El Campoans’ local businesses. Submissions from nearby towns, like Louise, are welcome.

“It’s important to pass on these stories and preserve them for years to come,” Crabtree said.

To contribute information, send the following, plus a few photos, to or to

• Your name and the names of family members who own or operate the business.

• If you were born in El Campo or when you/your family moved here.

• The name and location of the business.

• When the business was founded and information on what type of business it is.

• The story of your family’s business. (Please limit to around 300 words).

• Contact information so that we can follow up, if needed.

• If sending photos, please do so individually with information about what they show at high quality.

Please make the email subject line “FAMILY BUSINESS” followed by the name of the business.

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