An El Campo man accused of buying alcohol for an El Campo teen killed in a fiery crash surrendered to Fort Bend County law enforcement, one day after evading arrest.

The driver in the one-car fatal crash and a Rosenberg server have also been charged in connection with the case.

Further investigation into the Jan. 12 fatal wreck near Beasley led authorities to Rosenberg server Edith Melendez and Vicente Joshua Castillo, 25, of El Campo.

Melendez was arrested and charged on Tuesday with serving alcohol to a minor and over-serving an intoxicated person, both misdemeanors.

On Jan. 12, Castillo’s half brother, Lee Cruz Trevino, 19, was allegedly driving recklessly when he lost control at a curve in the road and crashed into trees at the 900 block of Lum Road at about midnight. Trevino’s passenger, James Russell O’Canas, 19, of El Campo was found dead inside the vehicle, which was engulfed in flames when police arrived.

After reviewing security footage at BreWingz, the restaurant where Melendez worked, police say they discovered Castillo bought beer for Trevino and O’Canas before the accident.

“This senseless tragedy could have been avoided if those involved had just cared a little more,” Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton said.

After the accident, Trevino initially fled the scene, but later returned and was arrested by Fort Bend County Sheriff’s deputies. He was charged with reckless driving and criminally negligent homicide.

Police are testing Trevino’s blood for alcohol or other substances as part of standard procedure.


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