Positive Cases

Individuals at SPJST Senior Living nursing home in Hillje have tested positive for COVID-19, a facility leader says. Staff were unable to divulge how many residents have tested positive, but it is not the first facility in the area to have an outbreak. Garden Villa in El Campo confirmed an outbreak earlier this month, and state officials released the exact numbers this week.

A little more than two weeks after a COVID-19 outbreak was confirmed at El Campo nursing home Garden Villa, the Texas Department of Health and Human services released the number of confirmed employee and resident cases.

Garden Villa has 39 resident active coronavirus cases, 21 employee active cases, and no reported COVID-19 deaths or recoveries, as of July 13.

Leaders at SPJST nursing facility in Hillje confirmed their facility has had multiple individuals test positive for COVID-19. They would not release the number of cases or when the first positive test result came back due to patient privacy laws. As of July 13, no cases were reported to HHS for SPJST.

Trinity Healthcare, the company operating Garden Villa, released a statement confirming the COVID-19 outbreak at the facility on July 8. Facility leaders would not confirm the number of residents or employees who had tested positive.

There have been 16,179 reported COVID-19 cases in residents of Texas nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as of Monday. Of those, there have been 2,149 deaths and 5,825 recoveries, according to HHS.

Residents or staff have tested positive at about 44 percent of Texas’ 3,215 nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 

For nursing home case counts, visit hhs.texas.gov/services/health/coronavirus-covid-19.

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