Taking The Oath

At a special board meeting Tuesday, (l-r) El Campoan David Vallejo is sworn in as an El Campo ISD school board member with Board President James Russell onlooking and ECISD Secretary Vicky Limas administering the oath. Vallejo replaced former board member Rich DuBroc who resigned in September.

El Campo ISD trustees swore in David Vallejo, a district alumni and parent of two current students, as the board’s newest member Tuesday, replacing former trustee Rich DuBroc who resigned in September.

Vallejo, Position 3, will serve for at least the remainder of DuBroc’s term, which was set to last until 2022.

The board unanimously voted in favor of Vallejo’s nomination.

“We are sad to see Rich go, but excited about what David brings to the board,” School Board President James Russell told the Leader-News. “The entire board is ready to work with David.”

Vallejo was born and raised in El Campo. Two of his children currently attend ECISD schools and another graduated from El Campo High just like Vallejo.

“I think it’s a good thing to do,” Vallejo said. “After considering it, I’m at a point in my life where I can give back to the community and do so with some sort of experience behind me.”

Vallejo’s family owns a facilities management company that provides custodial and grounds keeping services. He manages the educational division that services school districts and higher education institutions.

“I’ve been involved with many different school districts at different points in time ... I think that will be a plus. An asset,” Vallejo said.

Going into his term as a trustee, he doesn’t have a specific goal outside of collaborating with the other board members to serve the students of the district, Vallejo said.

“I’m there to serve the school and the students as best I can and try to help (make) the best decisions that we can as a group for their sake,” he added.

DuBroc resigned on Sept. 22. He served on the board since May, 2019. Prior to his time as a trustee, he worked as the El Campo High School principal for a decade, pursuing a career making mental health care more available to foster children in 2017.

He resigned from the board so that his wife, Tammy, could apply for a teaching job at the district, DuBroc told the Leader-News Wednesday. Laws against nepotism prevent family members of current trustees from being hired into the school district the trustee serves.

“I really didn’t want to step down from the board, but I wanted my wife to be able to get a job,” DuBroc said.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the board unanimously accepted district leaders’ recommendation to hire Tammy as an El Campo High School social studies teacher. Multiple board members have stepped down due to similar situations over the years.

DuBroc “handled (everything) appropriately as did the ECISD administration,” Russell said.

ECISD trustees serve three-year terms. Board member Ed Erwin, who was sworn in alongside DuBroc, will be up for election with Vallejo in 2022. Russell, Board Secretary Greg Anderson and Dennis Rawlings are up for election in 2021, while Board Vice President Anthony Dorotik and Susan Nohavitza are up for election in 2023.

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