An El Campo man faces interfering charges for refusing to answer questions about why his brother was shot, apparently while a passenger in the truck the man was driving.

Wharton County Sheriff’s Deputies are working with El Campo Police and Texas Rangers to determine what happened in a maroon Chevrolet Silverado Sunday morning, Feb. 14.

They know Travell Marquis Kimble, 27, of 815 Marianette drove to El Campo Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, 303 Sandy Corner Road, about noon that day taking his brother, Garrian Perry, who had been shot in the chest, to the emergency room. El Campo Police were summoned to a disturbance at the hospital ER.

“Kimble advised that Perry was shot somewhere in the county, but could not give an exact location. Kimble was evasive in his statements and was later arrested for interfering with public duties,” Sheriff Shannon Srubar told the Leader-News Thursday.

Investigation intensified when officials found “Perry was shot while seated in the front passenger seat of (the truck Kimble left) outside of the emergency room,” Srubar said.

Where that truck was isn’t known, but investigators discovered one other person was inside the vehicle. The man identified as John Holmes was then found and questioned by police. Srubar did not release Holmes’ address.

“Holmes stated that he was handling what he believed to be an unloaded gun while seated in the back seat of the truck and that the gun fired a round through the back of the front passenger seat, striking Perry,” Srubar said.

The case, however, remains open and under investigation. Perry is stable and recovering.

Booked into jail for interfering and unlawful carrying of a weapon, Kimble posted $2,000 in bonds and was released the next day.

Anyone with any information about what may have happened should contact the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office at 979-543-1373 or 979-541-1550.

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