The forecast is supposed to be near perfect early fall when the City of El Campo’s Downtown Dinner returns Tuesday, Oct. 15.

“We tried to find a night that there wasn’t anything else going on in the community,” City organizer Brittany Nanson said of the rescheduled event commonly known as the food truck supper.

The city tried to hold the event on Tuesday, Sept. 17, but downpours forced it to shut down before the grill fired up.

Ten food trucks originally advertised will be there Oct. 15, Nanson said, adding she’s hoping people will come out and enjoy the downtown.

“It’s a great family-friendly event for the community. It is something different that breaks the monotony of day-to-day life, brings the community together, and it really shows you what living in El Campo is all about,” she said.

Set for 5 to 8 p.m. on Monseratte Street on the north side of Evans Park, the event grounds are free to enter. Ensuring that you’ll have a seat at one of the tables, however, requires a $5 ticket.

“Tickets purchased for the original Sept. 17 date are still valid,” Nanson said, adding, “We keep a list of who purchases them at the office, so if they lost it, they are okay.”

Additional tickets can still be purchased from the City at City Hall 979-541-5000.

Proceeds from ticket sales are used to fund additional city-sponsored community activities.

“We want everyone to come out with their friends and families,” Nansen said.

Food trucks scheduled to be on site are: Georgia Mae’s Good Eats, Victor’s Tacos, Sauer Kraut Truck, Seaux Cajun, Watcha Craving, Wylie Street Tacos, Yoyo’s Hot Dogs, Offbeat Eatz, The Feed Store Pie & Win Wagon and San Ducerro Wines.

DJ Charlie will be spinning tunes for attendees.

“Any vendors are welcome to set up, as long as they are not a franchise,” Nanson said.

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