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Wharton County tax assessor-collector Cindy Hernandez talks to the Wharton Lions club about a new that will affect disabled veterans in 2022.


It’s that time of year when everyone in Wharton County gets to know Cindy Hernandez.

Now is when every property owner in the county is writing her a check and a big one at that. Or at least a check made out to the county, as she is the tax assessor-collector.

Hernandez was the keynote speaker Thursday at the noon meeting of the Wharton Lions Club. She gave an update on tax collections, which currently stands at about 46 percent.

While her office is busy with tax collections, there is another thing keeping her staff busy. Her office is in charge of vehicle registrations and issuing license plates. A new law that just went into effect has military veterans lining up at her door.

“But the big ones right now is handicapped placards for disabled veterans. A whole bunch of new laws went into effect with disabled veterans,” she said. “So if you have a disabled veteran license plate, you’re no longer allowed to park in the handicapped spot. The word disabled on your license plate does not give you the eligibility to park in a handicapped spot. You have to have the ISA symbol which is the handicap wheelchair or you have to have a placard.”

“It’s a new rule that went into effect on Monday. So a lot of my disabled veterans are having to come in and reapply because you have to be mobility impaired to park in a handicapped spot,” she continued. “So just because you’re a disabled veteran does not mean that your mobility impaired. So all of that is brand new to us we’re having to figure that system out ...(helping) disabled veterans to get their little placards, make them understand what’s going on. That’s a big new rule that went into effect this year.

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