A modular home development and food truck park visions go before the public Wednesday during a Planning & Zoning Commission review.

A public hearing on development plans for Joe “Cuarto” Strack’s Whitewing Estates Planned Development, 813 West Loop, starts the session.

Strack requests final plat approval of 80 residential lots on 16.06 acres on the West Loop near Treehouse Furniture. Of the total land space, 3.76 acres will be dedicated for commercial use.

This is a change from the previous development plan approved by city council Oct. 28, 2019. That plan called for only 55 residential lots.

“Staff recommends approval of the Planned Development’s site plan amendment,” City Planner Jai McBride said in her report to P&Z, adding, “The applicant’s proposed use will assist in meeting the City of El Campo’s housing needs.”

Whitewing Estates is designed to provide rental lots for modular homes constructed no later than 2019. The plan also calls for amenities and strict tenant requirements.

Following a public hearing, the commission will vote on the proposed plat change. The final decision will be made by City Council.

Proposed foot truck park regulations return to P&Z during Wednesday’s session as well after a preliminary review Oct. 20.

“The proposed Food Truck Park regulations will not be enforced upon or impact individual food trucks or the locations of those food trucks,” McBride said.

The potential development would allow for concert venues, play parks or other amenities, but could only operate when two to 10 food trucks were present.

Each park would require trucks to be removed nightly unless a commissary is provided. Twenty-four hour operations would be prohibited.

Restrooms must be provided, but can be portable.

P&Z commissioners will meet at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17 in City Hall, 315 E. Jackson, in City Council chambers. The meeting is open to the public.

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