The final full-length El Campo ISD meeting of 2019 could be an eventful one, as the board will consider revising the district mission statement, offering new courses for students, amid other discussions on Nov. 19.

Equine science, principles of transportation systems and an extended culinary arts course are among the suggestions for the 2020 school year’s curriculum. Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Dolores Trevino anticipates student interest in the new courses.

“Students will complete their coursework in the new state-defined programs of study, which will prepare them for college and careers after high school,” Assistant Superintendent Dolores Trevino said.

The board considers new courses and curriculum changes annually.

The district’s current mission statement is to “provide all students the education opportunity and motivation to learn the skills necessary for academic and vocational excellence.”

The changes the board will consider for the district mission statement will be minor, such as removing ‘vocational,’ a word rarely used anymore, Superintendent Kelly Waters said.

Other agenda items that will be discussed are the possibility of establishing Myatt as a Community Eligibility Provisions school, which would allow the school to offer free lunches to all students. Myatt currently has the highest number, 85 percent, in the district of students receiving free and reduced lunch.

It could simplify the lunch process for students at Myatt, Waters said.

Food Services Director Scott Gelardi presented the option of making Myatt a CEP school at the October school board meeting, and will provide more information to the board this month. See related story for more information.

A naming committee selected by the board decided on two options for the school board to consider at this month’s meeting, which are to retain the name Northside or to honor El Campo native and Medal of Honor recipient Roy P. Benavidez. See related story for more information.

The school board will meet at 7 p.m. on Nov 19 at Northside Elementary School at 2610 Meadow Lane.

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