It’s not too late to brighten the lives of troops fighting for our freedom overseas by donating to the El Campo GI Joe & Jane Project.

Although the event technically wraps up today, event founder Connie Schertz is happy to accept donations in the coming weeks.

“If they donate it, it’s not going to go to waste,” Schertz said. “It’ll get used.”

With a successful turnout this year, in terms of donations, Schertz said a few of the requested items were lacking. The care packages sent to troops will include letters, food, hygiene products, games and other items not easily available to them.

She will begin packaging and shipping the items this week.

Schertz and her husband Allen began the program more than 10 years ago after their son was enlisted and was going through boot camp.

“My husband is very appreciative of what the servicemen have done for us,” Schertz said. “Protecting us. And these men and women are away from their families.”

Since its inception, the GI Joe & Jane project has shipped thousands of care packages to military men and women serving overseas. Schertz has received expressions of gratitude from troops in the form of letters, emails and social media messages.

“I got a letter from a commanding officer where he was going out with a bunch of troops,” Schertz said. “It was basically their first deployment. So all the items they greatly appreciated because they didn’t bring enough hygiene items.”

In the next week, donations can be dropped off at N. Prosperity Bank, 1301 N. Mechanic, Elks Lodge, 3030 N. Mechanic, or 96 Country at 201 E. Jackson.

Donations made later in December or in the New Year should be given to Schertz. She will be accepting monetary donations to cover the cost of shipping.

To donate, contact Schertz at 541-4207 or

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