Three more Wharton County residents have been diagnosed with COVID 19 since Friday, but during that time, the same number of locals have recovered.

The additional cases bring the total number of infected to 41. The Department of State Health Services, however, lists 25 of them as recovered.

“Everyone doing their part to slow the spread has yielded low numbers for Wharton County, keep up the good work,” Wharton County Emergency Management Coordinator Andy Kirkland said.

With Mother’s Day coming this weekend, caution is urged.

“Although there is no specific guidance for Mother’s Day, DSHS encourages families to continue to practice social distancing and take safety precautions,” DSHS Communications Specialist Lyndsey Rosales said. “This is especially important for people that have higher risk, such as those age 65 and older and people with underlying medical conditions.”

Hand washing is vital. People should avoid touching their face with unwashed hands and contact with people who are sick. Be sure to disinfect surfaces, buttons, handles, knobs and other places touched often. Use a tissue to cover coughs and sneezes and then make sure to throw it away.

Infection numbers in Wharton County and statewide are being closely monitored as the governor debates whether its safe to further relax restrictions on retail business and general public travel.

Testing numbers meanwhile are on the rise with 366 tests conducted in Wharton County as of Monday.

“We will have a testing site in Wharton Thursday,” Kirkland said. Testing will be from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday, May 6, at the Wharton Civic Center, 1924 N. Fulton, in Wharton

The number for the registration call center is (512) 883-2400, or you may visit to register via smartphone or any computer. You must call and pre-register.

Statewide, infection numbers continue to rise from 29,229 on Friday to 32,332 on Monday, a 9.6 percent gain in just four days. Over the same time, fatalities rose from 816 to 884, a 7.69 percent hike.

The governor addressed the state Tuesday announcing gyms and hair salons could start reopening Friday.

When Texas reaches Phase 2, restaurants and other facilities will be allowed a 50 percent capacity.

Bars and other “hands on” businesses in Texas are required to stay closed at this point. They may be allowed to reopen in Phase two.

“Thanks in advance for your patience over the next few days while we fine-tune our game plan and make sure everyone is in the loop,” Kirkland said.

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