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Rains come at right time for most fields.

County officials forecasted heavy rainfall and flash flooding over the weekend, but the storms turned out to be more mild in many areas and beneficial for local crops.

“We were concerned about (the storm) at first, because they knew we were going to get a lot of rain between here and Austin,” Wharton County Emergency Management Coordinator Andy Kirkland said. “That didn’t really materialize. The system was a lot faster moving than what they had originally forecast.”

Thunderstorms and heavy rain were reported in Wharton County Friday evening and Saturday morning. The county received between 1.75 to about four inches of rain, with the higher rainfall being concentrated in the east, near Lane City.

“The power outages were pretty short lived,” Kirkland said. “We didn’t seem to get any real high winds that would do anything to knock corn down or hail to beat things up. I think it was mostly beneficial.”

In Glen Flora, crop farmers dealt with wind and rain, but nothing extremely damaging, according to corn producer Tim Krenek.

“Wind snapped a little bit of corn, but not bad,” Krenek said.

Producer Terry Marek of Pierce said the storm was nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year.

“Some places get more than others, but we’ve been fortunate for what we’ve gotten so far this year,” Marek added.

The eastern half of the county was experiencing milder drought than the western half, as of May 12, according to More recent data was not available, as of presstime.

Krenek and Marek agreed the storm was beneficial for their crops, but said their respective areas will probably need more rain before the end of the month.

“We’re pretty soaked up right now,” Marek said. “We don’t really need any rain for about ten days (to) two weeks.”

“This (storm was) helpful, but if it stays this hot, in ten days we’re going to need another rain,” Krenek said.

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