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Exercise can be fun, but not if you overdo it, fitness trainer Monika Musgrove says, she recommends people take stock in real goals rather than hopes for quick results.

The top New Year’s resolutions for 2020 are expected to be similar to previous years’, with exercising more and eating healthier foods being the top goals, followed by saving money, learning a new hobby, making new friends and finding love. Developing a new social circle and exciting love life is on you, but El Campo-area experts offered advice on achieving the other resolutions.


Exercising More


It’s happened to all of us, except maybe that one irritatingly thin friend. No one can resist the lure of grandma’s decadent fudge, even if it leaves you vowing to spend the next three months on the treadmill.

Losing weight has been the number one New Year’s resolution nationally for several years, but many don’t retain exercise routines for very long after the new year begins.

“When they go too hard too fast, they get burnout,” El Campo Snap Fitness Personal Trainer Monika Musgrove said. “They get injured. It’s not fun anymore. Find something that’s fun or different or a buddy or a group to make it a little more sustainable.”

In order to achieve your goal, Musgrove advised setting realistic expectations.

“You didn’t gain the weight overnight,” Musgrove said. “You’re not going to lose it overnight. We’re not going to be high school skinny again. We’re different people from what we were in high school.”


Eating Right


No sugar, no fat, no carbohydrates. Eating healthy sounds like a drag if it means a diet that omits the best foods. However, healthy eating and dieting are not synonymous.

While eating in moderation is beneficial, trendy diets like the no-carb Ketogenic Diet aren’t sustainable, according to Sugar Land Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Dr. Jane Ujoatu.

“I don’t think it’s very effective,” Ujoatu said. “Especially those who go for kind of the really hardcore Keto and they cut out anything that’s got any ounce of carbs in it, fruits included.”

As long as you pay attention to factors like quantity, types of foods and time of day that you’re eating, you can eat a treat, according to Ujoatu. She advised eating a cupcake, for example, if you want to, but then eating healthier foods for the rest of the day.

“Listen to your body,” Ujoatu said. “Pay attention to the quantity you’re eating. People are more compliant with that, because they know they can eat whatever they really want to eat, as long as they’re just paying attention to moderation or balance.”

Health and wellness should be a part of your schedule, just like brushing your teeth or showering, according to Ujoatu. Incorporating healthy habits like meal planning into your daily or weekly routine can go a long way.


Saving Money


Maybe you’re planning a tropical getaway or maybe you’d just like to your bank account’s balance to end in more zeros. If your resolution is to have a more financially stable year, start by rethinking the way you save.

“Pay yourself first,” Ivy League Retirement Planning Wealth Manager Robert Nursey said. “Some people spend first and save everything left over, and others will save first and spend what’s left over.”

To make saving easier, Nursey recommended an automatic payroll deduction into a 401K or a monthly bank draft that pulls a pre-arranged amount out of your account.

However you decide to approach saving money, patience will be required.

“Everything takes time,” Nursey said. “Michelangelo, I believe, spent 15 years on his masterpiece. Yet, so many people will buy a fund or an investment and expect results immediately. You have to give it time to accumulate.”


New Hobbies


Get outside. Turn off the television. Put down your phone … or pick it up, because there are a ton of online tutorials for various hobbies such as knitting and learning to play the banjo.

The possibilities for freetime activities are endless in El Campo. Fishing, crocheting, bowling, gardening and antiquing are just a few options.

If painting sounds up your alley, take a class at the Art Center or the Workshop. To explore new ways to cook, check out the Chinese cooking class on Jan. 9 at Prairie Rose Emporium.

Look for more things to do on today’s Entertainment Page each Wednesday in your copy of the El Campo Leader-News.

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