Wharton County and the rest of Texas took a hard hit from this week’s brutal temperatures and state officials are well aware of it.

Governor Greg Abbott announced Thursday a statewide effort to collect damage assessment data for this unprecedented winter weather event.

This information is being collected to help officials across the state gain an understanding of damages for individuals throughout Texas.

 “The Governor’s office has asked us to encourage our citizens to participate in the survey so that they can begin to estimate the financial loss associated with this event,” Wharton County Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator Debbie Cenko said Friday.

“It may very well be the vehicle that gets individual assistance to our state’s citizens,” she added.

The effort’s objective is to demonstrate the scale of the statewide disaster at the local level.

The county will start talks on an updated hazard mitigation plan Monday at commissioner’s court. “The county and our three cities – East Bernard, El Campo, and Wharton – are working together to update our Wharton County Hazard Mitigation Plan,” Spenrath said. “This was last done approximately five years ago.”

Those who have incurred damages in this storm are asked to visit https://arcg.is/uOrOb to enter specific information into the survey, including photos of any damages. “With this detailed information, the Governor’s office will be able to demonstrate the total impact statewide,” Cenko said.

If you have any questions, all Wharton County OEM at 979-532-1123.  If they are not there to answer, please leave a message and they will return your call as soon as possible.

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