Three Wharton County men are prison-bound after their probations were revoked in the 329th District Court.

Convicted of drug or violence offenses, each had violated the promise they gave to the court to be on their best, or at least non-criminal, behavior. Collectively, the revocations resulted in 62 years worth of prison time ordered by District Judge Randy Clapp.

“Probation is an amazing opportunity for people who need a second chance and want to improve their lives. We want rehabilitation to be the default, but when you endanger the community, and turn good people into victims, the community has to come first.” Assistant District Attorney Bryan Honeycutt said.

Honeycutt and ADA Lloyd Kleiman presented the cases in court.

The case against Tremain Mitchell, 40, of 7509 Habermacher in Hungerford resulted in a 10-year prison sentence during a Sept. 28 hearing.

Mitchell had been on probation for assault of a public servant when he was arrested by Wharton PD for driving while intoxicated second offense and two drug possession charges on Sept. 4.

The probation revocation document contends Mitchell failed to perform required community services hours, avoid alcohol and narcotics and other stipulations.

Mitchell was in possession of marijuana and PCP when his vehicle was stopped by Wharton police on June 25. He was then found to be in possession of Crystal Meth while in the Wharton County Jail.

A 12-year prison sentence was handed down to Leonardo Manuel Sanchez, 28, of 802 Grace in El Campo during a Sept. 30 hearing.

Sanchez was on probation for burglary habitation when he was arrested March 16 for two counts of assault with a previous conviction and single count of resisting arrest.

The revocation document also notes Sanchez failed to complete parenting and anti-theft classes, perform community service and pay an assortment of fees.

Judge Clapp issued a 40-year prison sentence to Alec Raymond Carranza, 21, of 214 W. First in El Campo during an Oct. 1 hearing.

Carranza had been on probation for aggravated robbery for the 2017 gunpoint robbery of a Wharton resident when he was arrested on May 9 for possession of marijuana and a controlled substance. Making bail, Carranza was arrested again on June 19 for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, aggravated robbery and possession of marijuana.

The revocation request notes he failed to avoid contact with known felons and adhere to a curfew.

Due to the nature of his offense, Carranza will have to serve a minimum of half the sentence (20 years) before he’s parole eligible.

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