Chris Barbee

El Campo Mayor Chris Barbee

As the final days of 2021 are marked off the calendar, El Campo and Wharton Council officials offered their thoughts and hopes for the new year.

They are:

Phillip Spenrath

Wharton County Judge:

“My hopes and aspirations for 2022 is that we all step back and reflect on the way our country use to be. We need to sit down and make time for our grandparents and children alike.

“Today’s world is fast-paced and more impersonal than ever. Many of us have cell phones at the dinner table and self-checkout at the grocery store. Americans need to remember a time when people smiled, waved, opened doors and stood to shake hands.

“Don’t get me wrong. America is the GREATEST place on earth to live and raise a family, but we were certainly better as a nation without all the hatred, distrust and social strife. 

“Closer to home, my hopes for Wharton County are that we continue to help and support one another. It is imperative that we Shop LOCAL! to keep our neighborhood stores, shops and restaurants open for business. I pray that each of us finds a way to get plugged into our communities whether by church, school or civic activities.

“It’s important and fulfilling to take part in something that provides a sense of belonging and helps us grow spiritually and socially.”

Chris Barbee

Mayor City of El Campo:

“It has been my honor, since November 2020, to serve our city as its first mayor elected by the voters.

“Working with your city staff, we have lowered the tax rate nearly 5 cents, refinanced debt to save taxpayers money as we pay down our debt, discounted senior citizen water and sewer bills by 20 percent and successfully applied for and received a one-year city record of more than $17 million in grants to be applied toward drainage, utilities and public safety.

“It is my goal in 2022 to continue doing all that I can to improve our community.”

Gary Williamson

El Campo Chief of Police:

“The El Campo Police Department would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope that all will have safe travels while visiting loved ones over the holidays.

“ECPD would like to offer a couple of tips to have a safe and uneventful holiday. Please celebrate in moderation and plan to have a designated driver. We also encourage everyone to remove valuables from their vehicles when not in use.

“Again, we wish all a Safe and Happy Holidays!”

Dawn Allison

Wharton County District Attorney:

“Within Wharton County, there has been a significant increase in serious and violent crimes. Additionally, COVID has played havoc on the criminal justice system.

“The district attorney’s office is optimistic that now jury trials are resuming, we can get more criminal cases resolved, begin the process of catching up, and get our violent offenders off the streets.

“For 2022, this office will continue to represent the State of Texas, and the people of Wharton County in a manner that will instill confidence in the fairness and integrity of our office, the judicial system, and to conduct our work with the highest integrity.”

David Hodges

District 4 Councilman City of El Campo:

“My hope for the new year is for council and city leadership to continue to be conservative.

“Council has done its best to entice the refinery project to locate in our community. My hope is that county officials do the same. The city, county, school districts and our Emergency Services District would benefit if this project would choose to locate here.

“The good paying jobs that it would bring would be great for our community. This project would be an economic boom for our community!”

Philip Miller

At-large Councilman City of El Campo:

“To wish all citizens of El Campo and Wharton County, the best of health and that we get back to a normal life that we are used to.”


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