El Campo ISD board of trustees will hold a workshop meeting Tuesday, July 16 to begin budget discussions for the 2019-2020 school year.

David Bright, assistant superintendent over district finances, will give a budget presentation. Following the presentation, board members will discuss what was presented along with compensation plans for the upcoming school year, according to Superintendent Kelly Waters.

This workshop meeting is the first time the board will see what the 2019-2020 budget might include, Waters said.

There will more than likely be other workshops, she said.

“There are several changes in House Bill 3 that will impact the budget,” Waters said.

HB 3 is an $11.6 billion school finance law passed by the state legislature in May and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in June. It will invest $6.4 billion additional dollars for public schools and $5.2 billion in property tax relief. It promises teacher, nurse, counselor and librarian pay raises and benefits with priority for those with five years of experience or more, while the remaining funding can be used to compensate other full-time employees at the district’s discretion. The law also addresses tax rates and recapture amounts.

Once a preliminary general operating budget is reviewed by the board at a later date, trustees will then set public hearings to discuss the proposed budget and tax rates for the upcoming school year before the board can approve the rate.

At this meeting, the board could go into closed session to discuss personnel matters.

The workshop meeting is open to the public and begins at 6 p.m. in the board room at 700 W. Norris. No time will be allotted for public comments.

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