The West Loop developer hoping to set up rental lots for modular housing will be back before city council Monday after having his project put on hold last session.

More information is needed on details like who’s going to own the streets and where the easements will be located.

“This is one of the first planned developments ... I think it’s a good plan .. but I think we need more of a commitment between the developer and the city,” City Attorney Ronny Collins told council during its session last week.

City council members Gloria Harris and Philip Miller also expressed concern with the proposed 16-acre West Loop development that includes retail as well as 12.3 acres for modular housing to set up on 54 rental lots.

Harris’ primary concern was Jessie Street and how close the proposed development would be to the El Campo Community Cemetery.

“How do we keep you out of the cemetery,” she asked developer Joe E. “Cuarto” Strack IV.

Strack said he was willing to place a privacy fence near Jessie Street.

“How will you maintain it (Jessie Street)? It’s not maintained now. The electric company with those big trucks use that road also,” Harris said, adding the city will have to address road maintenance.

Another issue is how wide roads will be, especially depending on how the units are placed.

“It’s a trailer park,” Miller said.

None of the units will look like mobile homes, Strack said, adding they will have the appearance of a standard house and that there will be strict standards on appearance.

Council members, however, weren’t ready to sign off on the project.

“I’d like to see these houses that are not a trailer park,” Harris said.

The proposed zoning and a development plan will be considered by council during the Monday night session in City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

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