A West Loop apartment developer’s request for zoning changes has been delayed briefly, a move which allows more people to attend the upcoming Planning & Zoning Commission session if they choose.

TriArc 5 hopes to construct a limited-access 400-unit upscale apartment and town home development on the West Loop at the South Street 

intersection along with assorted guest amenities including two pools, a dog park, play park, walking trail and more.

To do so, they are asking the city to change the zoning on assorted lots covering 26.15 acres from C-1 (Commercial), C-2 (Light Commercial) and R-1 (Residential) to a Planned Development Class A, garden type, market rate apartments and town homes.

The envisioned development would stretch from West Loop frontage to the natural boundary of Tres Palacios Creek, a line which has drawn concern from would-be home developers on the other side of the waterway.

“From a staff perspective, (the development) meets the guidelines for a zone change,” City Planning Director Jai McBride said, adding the request for planned development status allows staff to see “a deeper vision of what the developer has planned.”

The development’s proposed location actually falls in line with a City 2017 Comprehensive Plan on how to grow housing and retail offerings on the West Loop, she added. 

Developer Joseph Bramante has submitted site renderings along with plans including landscaping, building locations, frontages, roads and other material.

“If he had just requested C-2 (a zone where apartments are allowed along with retail), we wouldn’t have gotten to see all that,” McBride said.

Rents in the Creekside Apartments are targeted in the $900 to $1,200 range.

The P&Z hearing is now set for 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2 in the Duson Room at the El Campo Civic Center, 2350 N. Mechanic.

With COVID-19 restrictions, attendance will be limited to 100 people.

This greatly opens up attendance for members of the general public who wish to attend, McBride said, noting that the occupancy of City Council chambers is currently limited to 26, a number which is more than half met by council itself and attending staff.

“A lot of citizens around and in the neighborhood want to hear the outcome,” McBride said.

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