Pet owners in the Louise area are on alert with the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office receiving one report of a poisoned dog death and concerns over others.

“A victim called us and said that her particular animal was found dead on Saturday morning and she said she’s been aware that there’s been several circumstances that are similar,” Sheriff Shannon Srubar said.

Police have not yet investigated the case and do not know if the dog actually died from poison.

El Campo Animal Hospital veterinarian Tess Crider said the hospital has not treated any animals for confirmed cases of poisoning.

“We have heard the rumors circulating in the area about the poisoning and are remaining vigilant for any patients that present with finds consistent,” Crider added.

Employees at El Campo Veterinary Clinic and Coastal Plains Animal Clinic said they had not treated poisoned dogs.

A few Louise residents, however, are offering an $850 reward to anyone who can find the person possibly responsible for the poisoning.

Louise resident Daphanie Pinkston estimated eight normally healthy local dogs became mysteriously ill this month, six dying and two surviving.

“It all appears to be some type of poison, because they’re just dropping dead,” Pinkston said. “These are vaccinated, owned dogs ... dogs that are taken care of, for the most part.”

Srubar said he has seen posts on social media about the mysterious dog deaths.

“I understand we want the community’s help, and Facebook is great for that,” Srubar added. “We can get the word out. I love it, but please, please for us to start doing our job, somebody has to call in.”

If anyone has information on pet deaths, report it to the Wharton County Sheriff or anonymously to Crime Stoppers 979-543-8477.

“We really want to try to work together,” Srubar said. “If there is something going on, then we need to take care of this.”

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