Sgt. Jaycee Lorenzen

Wharton County’s first female sergeant in the deputy sheriff’s office is now on patrol, just three years after graduating from the police academy.

“As patrol sergeant, (Jaycee) Lorenzen will supervise a patrol shift. She will be responsible for making sure that department policies and procedures are being followed and will lead by example in serving Wharton County citizens,” Wharton County Sheriff Shannon Srubar said Monday.

A 2010 graduate of Boling High School, Lorenzen is a single mother with a six-year-old son who chose a career in law enforcement in April 2013.

“She began her career at the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office in 2013 as a dispatcher and has worked her way through the ranks very quickly,” Srubar said.

After about slightly more than a year in dispatch, Lorenzen was transferred to the jail division in September of 2014. Around the same time, she applied for the Wharton County Junior College Police Academy.

Gaining admission, Lorenzen continued to work in the jail while attending the academy.

She graduated in May of 2016, and began working patrol with the department in August of 2016, covering shifts throughout the county.

She is “professional, proactive and full of integrity. Lorenzen has a bright future in law enforcement wherever she decides to take her career,” Srubar said.

By May of 2018, Lorenzen was promoted to patrol corporal, continuing to cover both day and night shifts throughout the county.

“Before being promoted to sergeant, (Lorenzen) applied to become a member of the Wharton County ERT team (WCSO Emergency Response Team). She became a member of the team in April of 2019 and shortly after was promoted,” Srubar said. “She is the first female in the department’s history to ever hold the rank.”

Lorenzen is involved in the community outside of her department duties, volunteering as a coach for the Boling Youth Basketball League.

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