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The Commissioners Court of Wharton County unanimously decided to reduce the speed limit on CR 351 during Monday’s regular session, keeping in line with a recent decrease in speed on Sandy Corner Road in El Campo.

Within the past three weeks, the speed limit on Sandy Corner went from 40 mph to 30 mph in response to citizen complaints, according to El Campo Police Chief Terry Stanphill. The new signs are up equipped with orange flags to draw motorists’ attention. Officers will give warnings on Sandy Corner until Saturday.

“It was not the first time we got complaints on Sandy Corner Road. From Hermann Drive on down to the country club is more heavily populated, and that’s where the majority of the complaints come from,” Stanphill said.

Stanphill brought the issue before Council for action.

“We thought from Hermann Drive on, but now there are more houses being built closer to the hospital. A short portion from West Loop to Sam Houston was 30 mph and the rest 40 mph. It was confusing to have multiple speed limits on one road. We thought let’s make it more of a consistent speed.”

Sandy Corner is also a narrow road with no shoulders with close proximity to children playing in their front yards during the summer, he said. “It was overdue,” Stanphill said.

The court also decreased the speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph on its portion of the road.

“The City of El Campo lowered their speed limit. We only have about 1,000 to 1,200 feet left of that road because the annex didn’t quite go all the way to (FM) 1300. Might as well keep it consistent because quite a bit of traffic goes down that road,” said Commissioner Steven Goetsch, Precinct 3.

“There’s too many houses on that road, and the road isn’t very wide,” he said. “That makes it hazardous for people trying to pull out of their driveways.”

Goetsch said the new speed limit signs will be posted soon.

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