Louise ISD trustees will hold their first meeting for public input on possible school repairs and upgrades.

LISD has hired Gallegher Construction to consult at no cost. Over the last several months, the firm has examined the district and put together a report on the condition of the district based on infrastructure, ADA compliance, and learning changes over the years. 

Gallegher inspected all the buildings for major construction issues, examined each room for ADA complianace and noted where some of the classrooms and especially the library were out of date compared to new learning innitiatives taught in school. 

Gallegher Business Development Director Robb Sidebottom will go over the report during the public meeting.

“Our job isn’t to convince anyone of anything, but rather just to inform the school and the public about the state of their school,” Sidebottom said. “We do these consults at no cost and try to give school districts an honest assessment of their schools.”

The meeting will be held tonight at 6 p.m. in the Louise Cafeteria, 408 2nd Street.

“We have asked Gallegher to come here because our board recognizes the need for some significant change and repairs around campus,” LISD superintendent Garth Oliver said. “These aren’t simply maintenance requests that have gone unanswered or ignored altogether. Norman (maintanence supervisor) has done a great job trying to keep up with any request he is given. This is about our buildings just slowly being unserviceable.”

The meeting tonight will be one of several that LISD will hold for information purposes. The school could ask taxpayers to approve a bond for the construction cost in the future,

School bonds are similar to a home mortgage and can be used to finance construction projects. If approved by voters, the district will sell bonds.

“We are simply gauging the public’s interest in what can be done in our school,” Oliver said. “A lot of the time what people lack is the information to make a proper decision, and with one as big as this one, we want to make sure people are informed.”

A school bond election allows taxpayers to vote on paying for the construction and renovation of school facilities. It is a request to give the elected Board of Trustees the authority to sell bonds when these types of projects are needed.

The trustees will schedule the next meeting when they get feedback from the public at tonight’s meeting.

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