A portion of Wharton County’s November General election ballots are being recalled after El Campo city voters got too many chances to vote on municipal races.

The error only affects mail-in ballots for City of El Campo voters, according to Wharton County Elections Administrator Cindy Richter.

The four-page ballot printed page one and then page two, page two and page two,” Richter said Monday, adding, “We found out Friday late, got it resolved and are going to send out a whole new set of ballots to those people in the City of El Campo.”

No other ballots were affected by the error, she said, adding no other errors have been discovered.

For Hubert and Mary Ann Kaiser of El Campo, the mail-in ballots they received Saturday caused concern.

“It was confusing. I’m very worried,” Mary Ann Kaiser said, adding her concern was whether the error was found in time to fix.

All are in the process of being reprinted now, Richter said, adding she expected them to be posted in the green election envelope in just the next few days.

“It is a very easily correctable issue,” Richter said, adding it should not interfere with vote counts on Election Day.

More than 1,000 mail ballots are anticipated in the county. To get one, a person must be at least 65 years of age, be disabled or out of the county. The exact number issued for voters in the City of El Campo was unavailable as of press time.

The November General Election ballot is a long one by Wharton County standards, including not only the presidential election and state representative contest, but also the postponed City of El Campo council election and charter amendments.

For El Campo city residents, the November ballot will be an especially important one, deciding if the method of selecting the Mayor will immediately change.

A proposed charter amendment on the ballot asks city voters whether the mayor should be the top vote-getter among at-large candidates and the mayor pro tem the number two finisher in that contest.

The change will take immediate effect if voters approve it, raising the stakes in the six-way race for three at-large posts.

Currently, city council chooses among its own members who will be mayor without any direct input from the citizenry.

Early voting starts Oct. 13 and runs through Oct. 30. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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