Brady Peterson

Familiar faces have filled leadership positions at the elementary and middle schools at Louise ISD.

Brady Peterson, the former middle school principal, is now over the elementary, and Mary Trochta, sixth through eighth grade English/Language Arts teacher at the middle school, replaced Peterson.

Former elementary principal Pamela Lechler resigned May 28. She is now the principal of Wharton Elementary School, according to LISD Superintendent Garth Oliver. Lechler was with the district for two years.

Trochta interned with the district while earning her degree in educational management and was given administrative duties, Oliver said.

“She (Trochta) was being groomed for leadership. We wanted to help her achieve her goal of being an administrator,” he said.

Trochta has been with the district seven years. “I am excited. I want to continue and carry on what is already going on at the middle school. It is a great place to be,” Trochta said.

Peterson has been with the district four years, acting as the district’s assistant principal for all three campuses for one year before moving to middle school principal.

“I want to help out with the district wherever I am needed. We’re in a job to where we serve, and where we go isn’t up to us,” he said.

Transitioning from a teacher/coach for 25 years to middle school principal was a challenge Peterson accepted. Leading the elementary will be another big transition. “It’s a learning curve, but I am looking forward to it. The staff is a great team, and the kids are wonderful.”

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