Sanitary Preparations

Karen Roberson, manager of Snap Fitness in El Campo before the state-mandated closure of gyms,  shows one of the steps they are taking to try and keep the gym clean. With the gym now open again, they are doing everything they can to keep the machines and equipment safe for customers. 

After two months of state-mandated closures, gyms were allowed to re-open Monday as the state continues to lift limitations and restrictions due to the world-wide COVID-19 outbreak.

The state allows gyms to reopen as long as they stay under 25 percent capacity.

El Campo’s Palms Tan and Tone opened up doors at 9 a.m. While it wasn’t a mad rush to get into the door, with them now open, it offers a chance for their customers to start building some normalcy back into their lives.

“They’re all saying we’ve been ready to get back. Some are just coming in to say we’re glad you’re open,” Owner Courtney Mobley said. “I think it will be good. I’m sure some people are just ready to get out of the house. Especially those who are used to coming to the gym.”

The original intent behind closing gyms was it could be a place for the virus to spread. However, to protect gym-goers, before opening on Monday, Tan and Tone cleaned all exercise equipment. 

Now that they are open, the staff use medical-grade disinfectant to clean equipment continuously. They also have 20 smaller bottles of the disinfectant along with wipes, placed throughout the gym for people to use after they’re finished with the equipment.

“I’m just hoping we can stay open and eventually get to back to max capacity,” Mobley said. “We don’t ever have (max capacity in here) anyways, but it would be nice for people to feel a little more safe and want to go out and do stuff.”

In Governor Greg Abbott’s Phase II re-opening announcement Monday afternoon, he did not give guidance on when gyms could expand to 50 percent capacity. He did announce via executive order, given they follow state guidelines, youth clubs can now re-open. Rodeos and bowling alleys can be reopened this Friday. Youth sports will also be allowed to return on May 31. 

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