Construction Commences

Bryan Garza moves aside dirt and rubble while his co-workers (l-r) Jacob Gonzales and Al Bosques assist from above last week as part of a construction project taking place behind convenience store Speedy Stop, 502 N. Mechanic. The project is being funded by the store and plans are to rework a portion of the road, curb, gutter, drainage and sidewalks. Eventually a car wash tunnel is planned for that area.

A block of El Campo roadway is being completely rebuilt courtesy of a convenience store.

Work is already under way on the 500 block of North Washington and is anticipated to be complete in just a few weeks, El Campo Public Works Director Kevin Thompson said Monday.

The work includes the roadway itself along with relocating utilities, upgrading drainage, curb and gutter as well as sidewalks. The cost is well in excess of $100,000, Thompson said.

The city began working with the convenience store in late 2018 when store representatives announced intentions to upgrade its 502 N. Mechanic store.

Among the plans is a 4,000-square-foot car wash tunnel which would eliminate large truck traffic on Speedy Stop’s east parking lot.

To utilize the diesel pumps, large truck traffic “would need to utilize North Washington which is not designed nor in the shape to carry heavy commercial traffic,” Thompson said.

Speedy Stop officials agreed to cover the whole cost using contractors Triple Crown and C.L. Thomas to do the work.

“They are doing really well. I am really impressed with the contractor,” Thompson told the newspaper.

An unused 10-inch water main was discovered during the construction period, but no other issues have arisen.

“Along the way, AT&T needed to move some lines and upgrade, Centerpoint gas will be upgrading their gas service as well,” Thompson said.

Contractors have been working with residents to ensure access to homes throughout the construction period.

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