After a successful year of providing sustenance on the weekends to Pre-K students, the Shall Not Hunger feeding program will return to Myatt Elementary this coming school year.

“The first year was great. We didn’t have any hiccups, and everything went smoothly,” said chef and program organizer Karl Rosenbusch.

“I think Principal (Mauri) Couey did a wonderful job of coordinating with us. (El Campo ISD Superintendent) Kelly Waters was instrumental. Everyone was so helpful,” he added. “It’s got us really excited.”

The program fed 50 Pre-K students last school year, and Rosenbusch would like to double that amount this school year.

The non-profit is building a website in order to increase donations. It takes a $150-donation to feed a child for the school year.

“We really want to grow,” he said. “As long as food prices stay where they’re at, we should be able to maintain that. I want it to carry over into the summer, but I don’t think we’re there yet.”

“I want to take little steps for it to be successful. It’s so important for the children that we don’t make any mistakes,” he added.

The program was able to double up what the children received for Spring Break and Christmas vacations.

The children receive bags filled with canned soup, boxed meals, fruit, cereal, snacks and juice.

“That is sustenance. We are not trying to establish a diet, but to put food in their bellies,” he said.

Volunteers with Christ Lutheran Church of El Campo bag the food goods that are then delivered to the school once a week to be dispersed in the children’s backpacks.

“I am always in need of volunteers. They can contact us on our Facebook page or on our web page. Hopefully, we will have the website up and running by September,” he said.

Rosenbusch envisions one day the non-profit will have a staff and a vehicle that delivers the food to each school in the county.

“That’s my dream, and I don’t know how long it will take me to get to that point,” he said.

The school sends a letter home with the student asking whether the parents want to participate in the program.

“They need to be eligible for free/reduced lunch, but we let the teachers and the counselors make that call because they are on the front lines,” Rosenbusch said.

“This year we probably will double because the awareness is there,” he added.

Rosenbusch recently received validation that the program works.

“I had a lady stop me in HEB. She thanked me for this program because her niece benefited from it. The community is discovering us.”

You can make a donation to Shall Not Hunger at First State Bank.

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