A packed agenda is set for Monday’s monthly Louise ISD board meeting which will center around COVID-19 adjustments for the next district calendar, assignments for students with incomplete classwork and whether to continue the pandemic feeding program during summer break. The meeting will be the last meeting of the 2019-2020 school year. 

On May 7, the Texas Education Agency released guidance on adapting 2020-2021 school year calendars to make up for the coronavirus pandemic.

To change their start date, districts can obtain a designation as a District of Innovation, which LISD already began the process for in March.

The other option is to opt for a year-round designation, where school districts operate a minimum of 11 months out of the year.

“I don’t foresee us being a year-round school,” Superintendent Garth Oliver said. “I think we’re going to get the DOI, so that’s the most likely calendar.”

Also on the agenda is how to handle students who did not complete the required 50 percent of assignments during the school coronavirus closure. Oliver estimated about one-third to one-half of students on some campuses did not meet the requirements to pass the final six weeks grading period.

“We have several kids who just are not turning in any work,” Oliver said. “We have other kids who are doing everything that is asked of them. So, what do we do with that? ... Do we hold people accountable because they aren’t able to be self taught? Or maybe their parents aren’t able to teach them at home.”

The board will discuss whether to continue the district’s COVID-19 feeding program during summer break. Beginning April 1, LISD cafeteria workers provided free breakfasts and lunches to any children, below age 18, Monday through Friday.

The district received funding for the program through the Texas Department of Agriculture, and children receiving lunches are not required to attend an LISD school or show proof of need. In the past, the district has not offered summer break meals.

“We’re just discussing whether it would be something our community would value or need,” Oliver said.

Other agenda items to be discussed include:

• Football stadium renovations.

• Possible action to approve an amendment in the Hecate Energy Ramsey solar farm agreement.

• Purchasing about 40 additional Chromebook computers for classroom use.

• Awarding Oliver the power to hire personnel for the new school year beginning May 19 without board approval.

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